Virtual Servers

Our virtual servers deliver a higher degree of customization, transparency, and predictability.

Virtual server is a highly scalable and highly available server built on a cluster of real servers. This means that a physical server is divided into multiple Virtual Servers, and each individual virtual server can be administered as though the owner has complete control over the Physical Server.

Each Virtual server acts independent of one another. That is, each one will not affect the other.

Virtual Servers are best for Websites and web applications which use a lot of server resources, and have a very high traffic rate.

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A Virtual Server is very similar to a Virtual Private Server. There are some differences however.

Virtual Private Servers , are generally limited to a single-server architecture, so that the only resources that can be added or allocated between each virtual server on a Virtual Private Server are the resources physically installed on that single server. Virtual servers on the other hand are provided on a multi-server cloud architecture that shares all available hardware resources for individual instances to use.

One of the advantages of Virtual Servers over dedicated Servers is that they can be migrated from one physical server to another, when maintenance is being performed without shutting them down. It is also cheaper and more cost effective


Customize your server's configuration of computing cores, RAM, and storage, with full cores guaranteed to be 2.0GHz or faster, on host servers that are never oversubscribed.


Your virtual server gets a multi-layer security strategy - Physical and Operational Security, Network Security as well as System, Application, and Data Security.

Manage Server

We provide you with all resources you need to manage your virtual server at any time. You will always have access to the tools and support you need to do this.

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