Transfer your Hosting Plan

Move your hosting plan to WhoGoHost and enjoy our incredible customer service.

WhoGoHost can help you in transferring all content from your old hosting account to the new one on WhoGoHost, if your old hosting company uses CPanel. If not, you will have to move the files manually yourself.

If your hosting account has a CPanel, follow the steps below to begin your hosting transfer:

  1. Purchase any of our hosting account by clicking here. Ensure that the hosting account you are about has the same or more space than your current hosting account you are using.
  2. Once your hosting account has been activated, fill the form below. A ticket would be opened for you automatically. We would update this ticket once we have any news regarding the transfer which takes less than 24 hours to complete.

Ready to transfer your Hosting Plan?

We can assist you with the transfer of the contents of your hosting account. Kindly fill the information below.
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